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What is Nia? How is it different than traditional fitness? Why should I try it?

The Key to Fitness is Joy

Nia is Movement the Body's Way


Nia encourages Feeling pleasure through movement.


Nia gives you a sense of well being, increases your flexibility, tones your muscles & improves your cardiovascular strength.

Become more agile & gain more mobility.

It's all about the Movement, Music & Magic!


History of Nia


Debbie and Carlos Rosas, teachers & owners of a successful aerobics studio in Marin County, California, created Nia in 1983.  As a result of numerous injuries to teachers, they chose to create a safer, holistic approach to achieve and maintain fitness. Today, there are teachers world-wide who have been trained and licensed in the Nia Technique.



Debbie Rosas, founder of Nia

How is Nia different from other forms of fitness?


* We move with purpose and an awareness of all physical sensations, which includes bare feet.


* We use the body the way it was designed to be moved: using a variety of speeds, shifting your own body weight, using a variety of movement forms and various levels of intensity. We avoid the risk of injury that occurs with the repetitive movement of other exercise modalities.


*We use our bodies to heal our Mind, Body, Emotion & Spirit. Muscles contain memory that store physical components as well as emotional trauma. By using your muscles in conjunction with intention, visualization, sound and imagination one can bring feelings to the foreground of consciousness.


*The body's Way: the structural design of the body dictates its proper use. Your body's way is different than any others, and should be moved in your own way.

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