Janet's Biography

Nia was an unknown to me in the 1990's… I spent years in regimented fitness, running, weight lifting and doing high impact aerobics.  I was often injured, my muscles were overly tight, and my posture did not reflect good health. 


Once I experienced the healing benefits and pleasure of Nia, I wanted to soak up as much education as possible.  I enrolled in the first level of certification, the White Belt Intensive, at the Nia International Headquarters in Portland, Oregon in 2004.


The transition from student to teacher didn’t happen quickly.  I floundered for a while learning a routine, became frustrated, and shelved the idea of teaching for a year until in 2005, Debbie and Carlos Rosas, the co-creators of the Nia Technique, came to the Bay Area.  I took three days in a row of their classes in packed rooms filled with energetic and enthusiastic Nia  “groupies”. The weekend reignited my passion and my desire to teach.


Just days after my epiphany, I received a call from the owner of a new wellness center looking for a Nia teacher.  I quickly learned the choreography to a song, auditioned a few days later, and was hired on the spot.


15 years later, I’ve expanded my teaching to various Athletic clubs and Community Centers throughout the East Bay, and returned to Portland for my Blue, Green, Brown, Black Belt and many workshops.


Teaching Nia allows me to see people experiencing the magic of Nia, moving with joy, expressing creativity, healing injuries, overcoming fears, and  delighting in the sheer pleasure of movement. 


I get paid for having this much fun?